Providing a way to mirror posts from within Radio Userland to and using the Atom API.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The RadioAtomBridge Tool

I have been a long time user of Radio Userland ... one of the first, powerful blogging applications around. One of the coolest things about Radio was that is is also a development platform, and is able to be customized and modified by anyone. I quickly learned how to hack my way around inside of Radio using the Usertalk language ... yet another scripting language.

With all of this I quickly began to customize and enhance the blogging capabilities. I have made numerous hacks to the aggregator and to the blogging engine.

A while back I realized that I really wanted to use Radio to be able to post to some of my blogs that are hosted at and I found some tools that other people had written - specifically the ManilaBloggerBridge written by Dave Winer, and then the xManilaBloggerBridge written by Steve Hooker.

I had two requirements:
  1. I wanted to have my posts mirrored to or
  2. I wanted to do this on a category by category basis
I was able to hack on the xManilaBloggerBridge code and get it working, however I ran into a third "wish" ... the support of post Titles. It turns out that the Blogger API (which these older tools used) did not support passing in a Title with a post.

When I found that Google/ was now fully supporting access via the Atom API I realized that it was time to create a new version of these tools, updated to use the new API ... which supports Titles.

So this is it ... the new and improved RadioAtomBridge Tool ... a derivative of the xManilaBloggerBridge Tool which was a derivative of the ManilaBloggerBridge Tool. I'm giving all of this code to Userland to incorporate this into a future version of Radio ... and I'll also maintain a copy of this here for as long as it makes sense.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail ... I'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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