Providing a way to mirror posts from within Radio Userland to and using the Atom API.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Updated RadioAtomBridge v3.1

There have been a number of reported bugs in the Radio-Atom Bridge Tool that I have fixed as of last night ... and so I have posted the RadioAtomBridge Tool v3.1 which fixes two core bugs.
  1. There was a dependency on another tool which I have removed for now. This call simply added some enhanced formatting of posts, and I can probably reincorporate this in the future if you have that tool installed, but for now I simply removed the call to that function.
  2. There also was a bug in the editing of a post. This has also been fixed ... with one caveat. In the original ManilaBloggerBridge Tool there is a limit that you can only edit your post on the day that you created it. I'm not sure why this is, but I did not want to make too many changes at once ... so this limit is still in place.
There are still a couple of issues that I want to resolve, however I am sticking to testing the core functionality for right now!