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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fixes to the RadioAtomBridge tool for Radio

As of tonight, I have fixed two more issues with the RadioAtomBridge tool.

Last night I was able to get SSL/TLS working to post to ... since they have now started to enforce requiring this. I also fixed the links on the events page so that they will now take you to your Atom feed for the appropriate blog.

Tonight I thought I would do a couple of other tweaks. First, I added a quick fix that will include the date and time as a title if you do not specify one. Blogger requires a title on every post. Second, I did a fix to the prefs page for RadioAtomBridge to account for category names that might have a '.' in them. The way the code had been written it failed on my categories where I used a domain name for a category.

I also spent some time learning how the prefs page works, and now I think that I am going to add a new option for SSL/TLS enabled disabled to keep the tool working with any potential Atom site. It's going to take some time for that fix.

I'm still pushing to get v3.2 out the door in the next few days. This prefs page fix is the last one that I want to address for now.

One thing that it fun is that I am still learning more and more about Usertalk, and the underlying architecture of Radio and tools. Not sure its useful in the long run, however its fun to experiment with! :-)


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